I’m Speaking Today at Microsoft Virtual TechDays, India

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 – 2:12 PM

techdays_indiaSomewhat to my surprise it turns out that I’m speaking at the Microsoft Virtual TechDays, India. Also surprising is that “today” turns out to be a bit of a vague term. That’s 11:30pm Pacific time or 12:00 noon in India. Yes that’s right a midnight speaking engagement, not a great excuse for a trip to India. On the plus side it’s a virtual event so the link above takes you to a web page. Just install Live Meeting to attend.

Here’s the talk abstract:

Agile Patterns & Practices at patterns & practices

Microsoft’s patterns & practices group uses an agile software development approach to rapidly deliver guidance to our customers worldwide. Ade Miller, the Development manager at patterns & practices, discusses how we chose this approach. Ade will also cover some of the challenges when adopting agile and how patterns & practices overcomes these. Using agile on distributed teams is something patterns & practices deal with a lot and this will be covered in some detail as it is a common challenge effecting many teams today.

Turns out that this will be similar to the talk I gave at the p&p Summit and put online yesterday. I places more emphasis on distributed development based on the audience and some writing I’ve been doing for a white paper on distributed agile development. Once I’ve finished the deck I’ll try and re-post it if I make significant changes from the existing one.