Building a Home Supercomputer

Thursday, September 11, 2008 – 10:42 PM

A super computer in your den?So having successfully put together a home server my mind started to wonder to desktop super computing and gravitational modeling. Which is when I came across this…  Building home linux render cluster

“24 cores that run each at 2.4 Ghz, a total of 48GB ram, and just need 400W of power!!”

And the performance? About 186 Gflops, which is cranking in anybody’s language. Makes you wonder what else could be put together using off the shelf parts.

On further contemplation I actually want one of these! I could port the current C# N-body simulation I’m writing to use MPI and the Microsoft Parallel Computing Platform and run on a couple of dozen cores. I’d be able to run models orders of magnitude faster than I did on the computers I used for my PhD.

Update: I also seem to have acquired some serious power metering kit from someone at Microsoft. So cute little charts and graphs of power consumption from my Windows Home Server and various other PCs will follow!

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  2. That`s the coolest home made server i`ve ever seen … good job man :)) i`ll try to make one like yours but only 5 processors and 12 GBs of ram …

    By vortecs on Aug 28, 2009

  3. how did u connect the motherboard to eachother so linux could pick up the ram n cores??

    By Jaden_223 on Jan 14, 2010

  4. Jaden,

    You don’t connect the motherboards directly. The individual computers form a networked cluster and run separate applications which communicate.


    By Ade Miller on Jan 15, 2010

  5. wow … this looks cool!

    By sorin on May 10, 2010

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