Back from Quebec City

Sunday, May 11, 2008 – 3:30 AM

Waiting to get on a plane from Quebec City back to Seattle…

The p&p Summit was great. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and finding out what they did and didn’t like and wanted to see p&p do next. The biggest theme was (again) around complexity. This was somewhat summed up by Billy Hollis’ humorous rant on the subject on Thursday afternoon. Hopefully Don got good feedback from people on his “Future of p&p” talk.

The City is really nice. I stayed a couple of extra days to check it out. Even got to practice my very bad French. I felt better about that on the last day when I met a woman who’d moved from Paris to Quebec and said she had a hard time understanding and speaking to people as the languages aren’t exactly the same.

I didn’t see as much of things as I might have. The cyclone in Myanmar (Burma) caused me to take some time out and help Ed Jez with some work for InSTEDD to try and get some infrastructure support ready to help relief workers when they finally get into the country. More on this soon probably.

Quebec airport is a little odd… Very small. When was the last time you went through a security check and you were the only person in the hall? There were three security staff which nothing to do but screen me.

But hey… free WiFi (but oddly no access to my email).

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