patterns & practices Summit Quebec

Monday, April 28, 2008 – 10:52 AM

So the session track for the p&p summit in Quebec is pretty much finalized. I’ve just been signed up to give a talk on continuous integration (CI). This is one of my pet topics (in case you didn’t know)…

Continuous Integration and Defense in Depth

Continuous integration (CI) is the practice of building your whole product and running tests as frequently as possible. CI is one of key agile practices but is becoming a more and more common practice both throughout the software development industry as a whole. CI is not just for agile teams. So what is CI and why do it? What tools are available for setting up a CI server and how do I create a build and test it? Once your team has a CI server there’s a lot more you can use it for. Adopt a Defense in Depth approach to drive quality across your product and measure progress.

I’ll also be talking about “The patterns of ‘patterns & practices'”. Quebec sounds like an interesting city, and I’ve never visited there, so I’m looking forward to it.

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