Work Humor

Thursday, March 20, 2008 – 8:44 PM

Humor is alive and well at p&p. One of my dev team sent this email around today…

What Ade does not realize is that my volunteering to do the first talk, was in fact me avoiding work.  I delegated a task I had committed to (scheduling a brown bag on this Watson stuff) to my boss.  This way, he schedules the meeting I was supposed to schedule, he thinks it was his own idea, and everyone is happy.

Look for future emails on how to manipulate your boss without him knowing it.

I’ve only been running the team for about eight weeks but they already have me well trained. I’ve pretty much got no hair so at least it can’t get pointy.

I also discovered today when another p&p dev emailed me a link to one of their comics. I might have to score myself one of the Science T-shirts. I also thought this diagram was hilarious. Both use the ‘F’ word, which makes them no less funny in my opinion, you have been warned.

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