Of mice and men

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 – 10:59 PM

sidewinderSo a quick visit to the Microsoft Company Store the other evening to buy something quite dull resulted in me coming home with Gears of War and a Microsoft SideWinder Gaming Mouse. The mouse is working out just fine thanks. Nice and heavy custom weighting and extra buttons that you can easily configure for individual games. Plus it glows red and has an LCD. All of which pretty much above and beyond for a mouse.

Gears of War I’m having a bit more of a struggle with. It’s not really with the game itself, which falls into the “if it moves kill it, if it doesn’t move try kill it anyway” school of gaming. Fine for an evening of mindless slaughter. But why do the characters look like the dregs of some 80s boy band who started messing with steroids and then joined the Marines? Any game where the main protagonist has a soul patch should be treated with utmost suspicion in my book.

Still if you play games then check the mouse out. My money is still on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas as about the most fun you can have with a first person shooter these days.

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