BritSpeak #3: “Menu mooching”

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 – 3:52 PM

So this is only BritSpeak because my brother Richard and I made it up while sitting in Becky’s Diner in Portland, Maine. Becky’s has a largish menu with lots of options. Not something I’m keen on dealing with before about 6pm. But diners are a must when visiting the East coast.

Richard, after some due consideration of the options available, ordered the Hobson’s Wharf special with scrambled eggs, bacon and the blueberry pancakes with butter on the side. Further interrogation by the waitress got him to pick an English muffin over the other bread choices.

At this point I wanted freedom from choice, rather than of choice. So I executed a near perfect mooch… 

Waitress: What are you having?

Me: What he had.

Waitress: Exactly?

Me: Yes. Exactly.

Done. Theft of intellectual property on a grand scale.

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