Thought for the day

Thursday, August 23, 2007 – 6:26 PM

So I’ve got lots to write about based on conversations I had at Agile 2007 last week but I’ve been gone from work for nearly six weeks so time is a bit short – lots of catching up to do.

Thought for the day…

“If you’re not in the team room then you’re not on the team.”

By this I mean if someone asks “Where’s Joe?” the answer should be “Have you tried the team room?”, not his office, or call him at home or some other place that isn’t the team room. If the most likely place to find Joe isn’t in the team room then we’re all kidding ourselves that Joe’s on the team.

This may seem obvious but people seem to find lots of good reasons to be elsewhere. In many cases they may feel that they have no choice. For example they’ve been asked to contribute to four different projects each of which take 25% of their time. Either way let’s not kid ourselves that they’re “on” the team.