Monday, October 2, 2006 – 12:21 PM

As you can see I’m currently reading “Head First Design Patterns“. This is all part of my strategy to not grow pointy hair and glaze over when¬†developers talk code to me. After all what good is a lead who can’t mentor their team?¬†

Despite the dubious cover this turns out to be a really good read, its even funny in places – which is a bonus as most books for programmers are anything but.

I’m probably also going to get hold of Design Patterns in C# which includes the original 23 Gang of Four patterns in C# plus much of the code from the Head First book (see here for details). Its almost like a patterns software factory – sort of. At $80 for a single used license it seems like a reasonable deal to me.

This is just the start… there’s more on the way but it looks like this will help cover the basics.

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