Do What You Want, See If I Care

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 – 5:58 AM
This post got me thinking "ABUSING AGILE". Ring any bells? How about Scrumerfall or ScrumBut? Know any practicing Scrumerfall or ScrumBut teams? The fact that people are coming up with words for this stuff is worrying. You don’t create a word for a one off. If there’s a word for something, however weird, it means it has happened more then once. Ask the medical profession.
I don’t care what you do – that’s upto you – but be honest about it and don’t call it something it’s not. Feature Crews aren’t Scrum so I don’t say we’re doing Scrum. Writing unit tests isn’t TDD so I don’t say all my devs are doing TDD. Worst of all don’t say something you weren’t even doing failed for you. "Scrum didn’t work. The team hated spending 45 minutes each day in the daily scrum and our design sprint had to be abandoned".
‘Nuff said. Well not quite.
Of course I do care. I’d much rather see people adopting agile successfully and forming happy productive teams shipping great software. For that matter I’d like to stop reading about multi million dollar failed software projects that failed to deliver. In a lot of cases I think agile can really help. So the last thing we need is for it to get a bad name.
Speaking of bad names… "ScrumBut" is a very bad name.

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