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Massive slide blocks main road to Whistler

080730_whistler_rockslide[1]Looks like nobody is going to be heading to Squamish any time soon.

Read the full story on KOMO News, Seattle.

New Adirondack Guidebook

Adirondack Rock GuidebookSo it’s been a long time in coming but there’s finally a new guidebook to the Adirondack’s. My friend Jim Lawyer has been working on this in his “spare” time. With nearly two thousand routes covered that’s a lot of ground to cover. You can buy it here:

This has been a work in progress for quite some time now but the authors have finally gotten it to the printers. Order now and you’ll have a copy before the snow melts.

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Alpinist fire

There’s only really one magazine to be caught reading if you’re into alpine climbing – Alpinist. If you’re stuck for a gift for someone this Christmas or your subscription is up for renewal then now is the time to send them your business! Got an issue left on your existing subscription? Renew now anyways. If Alpinist goes it’ll be back to the bad old days when Mountain Magazine folded and we had to read “lesser” magazines.

On a side note I also see that Vince Anderson has a blog and has been posting to the Alpinist readers’ blog too!

John Scurlock’s photos in Alpinist

I’m a big fan of John’s photos and blogged about the latest batch a while back. John’s finally got the recognition he deserved with a full feature article of aerial alpine porn in Alpinist 21. You can check out more of his photos on his web site too.

Lara Kellogg

Remembering Lara Kellogg

This is a remembrance and information site for the friends and family of Lara Kellogg who died in a climbing accident on 23 April, 2007.

Winter’s End

So it’s over the ’05-’06 winter climbing season ended yesterday. As far as the PNW goes it was a pretty rough year weather wise; not many good breaks in the weather and a lot of snow to deal with then the weather was good.

The few good weekends we did have yielded some nice new ascents. A new route on the east face of Whitehorse and the first winter ascent of the East Face Couloir (Carpenter-Stoddard-Vance 1966) on Three Fingers. I’d been eying Whitehorse for some time – it’s a super nice looking line – but you can’t be everywhere at once. Elsewhere there were serious attempts on NE Face of Stuart and Sloan.

In those same windows a lot of people got out and climbed a lot of the usual suspects; Chair, Kent, Snoqualmie, Big Four (still gotta do that) and probably a whole lot more I didn’t hear about.

Time to start training some more for the Yukon – if I can kick this cold and not injure myself (again).