New Cascades pictures online

Bill P on the Cosley-Houston.I found a few spare minutes at the end of a busy weekend to get some pictures of the Cosley-Houston route on Colfax Peak on to the Web. On the right you can see my partner for the trip, Bill, on one of the upper pitches.

I also put up some photos of an (almost) one day ascent of the Torment-Forbidden traverse with Jason earlier in the summer. Why "almost" well while we did get off the route we didn’t quite make it down to the car. Be especially suspicious of partners with large packs, within my lurk bivvi gear and along with it a strange enthusiasm to spend the night out.

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  1. Jason:

    And by “bivvi gear” Ade means a puffy jacket with a hood and a pair of long underwear bottoms. Not exactly the recipe for a cozy night in the Cascades, but considerably better than Ade’s plan: the world’s loudest mylar space blanket and constant attempts to snuggle with me.