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21 @ 50

Where are the other 299?A while back someone dumped a weight vest in one corner of the gym at CrossFit. If sort of lurks behind the dumbbells tempting you to pick it up. Of course getting 50lbs over your head turns out to be awkward at best. But a smack on the back of the neck is really just its way of saying “put me down, no good will come of this”.

The minute you do instantly you’re transformed to look just like Conan the Barbarian… but with a weight vest. OK, so now we’re all geared up in our homo-erotic splenditude, what next?

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So I finally crumbled and signed up for Twitter. You can follow me at:

Lots of cool people in the blogosphere use Twitter. Maybe if I use Twitter I’ll become cooler by association. Yeah right… There’s no hope for me until I get my teeth whitened.

I’m really just trying to figure out what the whole lightweight blogging thing is all about. It sort of seems interesting but I can’t quite figure it out… yet.

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The first rule of Hike Club…

Pain now, pain later, you chooseThe clocks went back last week so it’s time for those of us who live in Puget Sound to hit the trails after work. The inaugural meeting of the 2008 Hike Club convened this week on Tiger Mountain (2,557′).

Now you could take a leisurely hike up Tiger. The new trail is about 2000′ of ascent over 3.25 miles, slightly longer than the old trail. It would probably take around an hour if you maintained a reasonable pace. But where would the fun in that be?

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Fight gone really bad… almost

Some good things just aren’t supposed to go together…

An afternoon snack of herring in canola oil. Good! Way better than coffee and donuts.

CrossFit. Also Good!┬áMore fun┬áthan running and a better way to burn off the donut I didn’t eat. Fight Gone Bad even better.

Fight Gone Bad and hour after that afternoon snack? Errm… Not quite so good. The herring nearly came back for a rematch after the end of round three. Thankfully I managed to keep it together by hugging one of the jumping boxes.

Still it was better than my last experiment in diet and working out.

Review: Spyder2express ColorVision

Snake oil? It sort of sounds a bit like it… part with hard earned cash for…

“Calibrate your display–just like professionals. Spyder2express calibrates monitors in three easy steps–simply plug it in, specify your display type, and it does the rest, automatically calibrating your monitor or laptop. Check the before-and-after. You’ll see the improvement!”

I was a tad skeptical.

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More site updates

If you subscribed to my Stories blog the content has been merged into my Alpine Climbing blog. It still lives in a separate “Stories” category. I’ve also added a new page of photography gear I’d recommend.

Hopefully that’s pretty much it in terms of site upgrades and I can get back to writing new content, like the review of the MSR Reactor I promised to write.

New Adirondack Guidebook

Adirondack Rock GuidebookSo it’s been a long time in coming but there’s finally a new guidebook to the Adirondack’s. My friend Jim Lawyer has been working on this in his “spare” time. With nearly two thousand routes covered that’s a lot of ground to cover. You can buy it here:

This has been a work in progress for quite some time now but the authors have finally gotten it to the printers. Order now and you’ll have a copy before the snow melts.

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New Look!

New look for the web site, largely so I could drive the whole thing off WordPress and not have to think about it too much. Hopefully this will mean more content from now on…