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Climbing Web Search Engine

So I put together a web search engine based on Google’s custom search that should give better results for climbing related searches. For example if you search for “Omega” the first results returned will be fore the Omega Pacific climbing gear company not Omega watches.

Let me know if you think it’s working. I’m still testing it out.

Recommended "stuff"

So it’s a wet Friday night and I finally got around to some site updating. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and I finally got around to some of it. I now have pages for gear and books I’ve been using for a long while and really like. These are short lists because I’m not trying to sell stuff for the sake of selling stuff.

Recommended alpine climbing gear
Recommended reading

Enjoy. Hopefully I’ll have some new pictures up soon. It’s going to be 50F at Index on Sunday so cragging might be back on the agenda.

Someone’s idea of a joke?

And if NOAA making up new bad weather colors for their map wasn’t enough the woman who reads the weather on KUOW seems to be called Rainy Cohen.

New winter weather

I swear the weather people are having to make up new colors for all their different warnings. yesterday’s map had even more pretty colors on it than this one! A different pretty color for each warning, how sweet.

NOAA weather map
On a slightly different note I’d like to report the result of a small experiment last night at CrossFit. While tall heavy guys tend to do better at rowing artificially increasing your weight doesn’t really help. 500m with a 50lb weight vest was fast but not really any faster. Plus I couldn’t speak for about five minute afterwards.

Loosing weight for alpine routes

There are several of ways to do this…

  1. Train right
  2. Watch what you eat
  3. Take only the gear your really need on a route
  4. Take the lightest gear you can afford

What’s a real shame is most people seem to want to buy more lightweight “stuff” rather than work at what they have. A shiny new $150 climbing harness or a month of CrossFit?

Colin Haley’s article on equipment for alpine climbing is well worth a read however. Colin really knows what he’s talking about. Check it out.