Favorite CrossFit workouts

So I have a new favorite CF workout, a variant on Helen. Four or five rounds for time of:

  • 4oom run
  • 15 x push press @ 44kg
  • 12 x pull up

We’ve done this at CrossFit Eastside a couple of times and I’ve always liked it. Running and pull ups are fun and lifting overhead humbles the climber in me who can only pull. We did four rounds on Wednesday but a “bonus” round seemed like a good idea at the time.

I’m still contemplating the rep. numbers and rounds a bit but I figure the push press should be half body weight, which is a tad more than I can manage right now but only by a few kilos. The pull ups seem like a bit of a rest but it’s for time so I need to do them faster.

The weather here is ugly and I’ve only made BC ice once this season so training is all there is to write about.