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The twelve days of Christmas

Christmas Eve workout, it just seemed like a good idea at the time…

On the twelth day of Christmas CrossFit gave to me.
One tough workout and pullups two hundred and fifty.

Have fun out there.

Alpinist fire

There’s only really one magazine to be caught reading if you’re into alpine climbing – Alpinist. If you’re stuck for a gift for someone this Christmas or your subscription is up for renewal then now is the time to send them your business! Got an issue left on your existing subscription? Renew now anyways. If Alpinist goes it’ll be back to the bad old days when Mountain Magazine folded and we had to read “lesser” magazines.

On a side note I also see that Vince Anderson has a blog and has been posting to the Alpinist readers’ blog too!

Winter is here…

Winter in the Pacific Northwest is finally here. It’s dark by 4pm and rains all the time and more importantly I’ve already had the chance to get out and completely fail on something. Conditions on New York Gully just weren’t happening last weekend.

I’ve been contemplating a new canister stove an reviewing the alternatives; JetBoil Vs. MSR Reactor. Here are some reviews I found useful.

If/when I get one I’ll be taking it out to play this winter and writing about it.

Cultural Whiplash

One moment sitting on a glacier in the Yukon. Ten hours in later a diner in Seattle. Enough to make your head spin.

Thirsty? Fire up the stove and melt some snow.
Hungry? Better cook something.
Want to sleep? Get out the shovel and dig a ledge.
Need to get home? Read the map and start walking.

Fancy a drink? Buy a Coke loaded with phosphoric acid.
Want to eat? Pay someone minimum wage to cook your food.
Sleepy? Check into a hotel. Who made the bed?
Going somewhere… in your SUV with GPS navigation?

Which is really more civilized? Get off the train, it isn’t taking you anywhere interesting.