Getting motivated

So it’s been a long while since; Peru, getting sick, a business trip and then getting hammered by a major deadline at work. Which pretty much added up to nearly three months of not training or climbing that seriously. All of that, combined with a somewhat mediocre fall weather wise has led to not a lot of climbing or training and a big motivational crisis.

How to get back with the program?

  1. Show up. Turn up and work out. Don’t worry about the results.
  2. Ease back into it. Start doing a few runs and workouts. Don’t try and pick up the same training load right away.
  3. Don’t expect the same results. Don’t get depressed when you’re way off your previous performance.
  4. Set some goals. Training goals, climbing goals.
  5. Congratulations you’re back in the saddle.

That’s the strategy I used. Basically I’m back up to three CF workouts a week plus biking, running or climbing depending on the weather and other commitments. I’m now one pullup away from my goal of 40. I’ll be sticking a couple of pictures of some lines I’d like to climb this winter above my desk too.

One Comment

  1. Nina:

    That pertty much sounds like what happened to me. Three months of almost no climbing due to going to Peru (ok, I was climbing in Peru) and then work and life interventions. I started going back to the gym recently but it has been rough. I lost a lot of conditioning and now I need to lose the weight I apparently gained while glued to my desk. Thanks for confirming what I suspected – that you can get much worse at climbing by taking too much time off. And now I must get back to the gym.