CrossFit – Embrace the Suck

Click here for more on CrossFit, intensity, results and comfortSo the motivation is finally starting to return. I went to CrossFit on Friday for the second time in a week. I tried to go back just after I got back from Peru while I was still sick. I ended up sitting on the grass half way through a mile run with cramps so bad I couldn’t stand. Not pretty.

Going back is tough. I launch into workouts and start to bonk halfway through them. Weight that didn’t feel like weight before is crushing now. Movements that I remember as easy feel awkward and stiff. I figure it’ll take a month.

Welcome to the Suck…

The moral of this sad little tale is. If you’re going to quit CF then quit for good. But if you really have to come back then pace yourself and don’t expect much when you start.

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