Police and thieves

Back in Huaraz and the hotel turns out to be full so we slept in our tent on their lawn last night. Not the best sleep but better than the other alternatives. We stayed up late with a bunch of other guys we bumped into from Seattle watching ¨Next¨ in the Hotel TV room. It´s that unique South American experience, the pirated movies on DVD for less than the price of a cinema matinee back home.

The weather wasn´t so good yesterday but looks like it´s going to improve today and stay that way for the next week or so. Robert and I are looking for our next objective. Still plenty to do in Huaraz today; buying more food, packing and potentially watching the Peruvian riot police and the teachers have at it.

Well, hopefully not because it wouldn´t be pretty. The teachers have some sort of rally today and town is full of police with riot gear. Hopefully everything will pass off peacefully. The college next to the hotel actually has posters with progress on the strike so hopefully it´ll be a bit easier to figure out when the next road blockages will be.

Oh yeah. I have a bit of a cold – yuck. Still goes with the territory, diesel fumes, dusty roads and thin air aren´t that great for the lungs.