Huaraz, Peru

A slightly longer bus journey than expected… 30 hours as opposed to 8. Those Peruvian teachers are an excitable lot and being good socialists Robert and I were not going to cross any pìcket lines. Not that the burning tires and rocks hadn´t already disuaded us.

Finally in Huaraz and doing pretty good at 3000m. RHR this morning of 54 (up from 43 at sea level). Maybe Diamox really does work for me or maybe I´m just super fit. Been doing some hiking around here with no ill effects and off to try going higher tomorrow – a lake at 4600m. Let´s see how that goes.

Huaraz is pretty nice, especially when compared to Lima – which isn´t. Lima is sort of like Blackpool on a wet Friday in January only with less going on.