Back from Pisco

Back from Pisco. Fantastic mountain with stunning views from the summit. It took us less than four hours from the moraine camp to the summit (if you´re really interested see Brad Johnson´s book). The route is very straightforward we used ski poles for almost all of it and didn´t have to rope up. The snow was brick hard and there is really only one major crevasse – which you definitely would not want to fall into.

We had perfect weather on the summit and that day there we only a few parties on the route so we had it to ourselves. Pisco is very popular so I consider myself very lucky. I hope to have some great pictures for the climbing gallery on my return.

We ended up bailing on Yanapaccha as the weather looked dicy. Looks like we were right as it rained last night at basecamp and today the mountains are shrouded in cloud. Back in Huaraz now for a couple of days and planning for what comes next. Probably head off to do another acclimatization route in the Blanca in a day or two.