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Free US Maps and Viewer Software

So I was playing around with my maps thinking about a trip for next year and it reminded me of a bunch of things I figured out for viewing maps of North America…

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More Leavenworth and Favorites photos

I added a few more pictures to the Leavenworth gallery after another trip there with Al and Jason. What with that and a second improptu ascent of Heart of Gold / Prime Rib with Robert when the weather on Mount Stuart refused to cooperate I’m spending a lot of time on Leavenworth granite these days.

I’ve also updated the Favorites gallery with a bunch of pictures I picked out to have printed. This brings the total to over five hundred pictures in the climbing gallery.

Other climbing blogs

There seem to be very few climbing and mountaineering bloggers out there. Here’s some of the more interesting ones (Everest doesn’t count):

News feeds…

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Personal pages…

Clark’s Climbing Blog
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Lynn Hill Blogs : A Rock Climber Blogs RSS – Not strictly climbing but pretty much crack for gear whores.

If you know of any other good ones then leave a comment!

Leavenworth Pictures

It’s that time of year again. Winter is over and the snow has melted in Icicle Canyon so it’s time to commute to the “Bavarian Pillage” of Leavenworth and go cragging. Soon it’ll be time to sneak out of work early to go play at Index too.

I’ve added a Leavenworth photo gallery with some pictures from recent weekends. This year I inexplicably seem to be able to climb 5.10a slabs off the couch. Predictably I’m putting this down to better core strength from a year of CrossFit.

This can’t last but I’m going to make the best of it. You can expect stories of big falls and horrendous skin grafts all too shortly I’m sure.

The Peru Guidebook Guide

As part of planning a trip to Peru this summer I’ve been busy reading guidebooks and looking at maps. I’ve not climbed in Peru before so this isn’t a review of how accurate these guides are, but it will give an idea of what to expect if you’re mail ordering books.

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Lara Kellogg

Remembering Lara Kellogg

This is a remembrance and information site for the friends and family of Lara Kellogg who died in a climbing accident on 23 April, 2007.