A Destructive Relationship

The slow kipDestructive relationships, we’ve all had them. You know, the attraction outways all of the downsides. The object of your desires is; married, not interested in men/women or otherwise unattainable. Or, most likely, all of the above and crazy like a rabid wounded dog. Any sane person would walk away rather than entering into a train wreck of a relationship that can only end badly. Remember, “It’s all fun and games until someone looses an eye”. But no, it’ll seem like a really, really good idea.

The L-pullupSo why am I boring you with all this? Because I, am in a destructive relationship. It all started ten months ago at CrossFit Eastside. The day… the pullup bar arrived. Yeah, a pullup bar. I’d had on-off affairs with bars before and a couple of passing “things” with finger boards but this was different. Over ten feet long and burnished steel it was hard to pass up.The weighted medicine ball pullupIt took a while for me to learn to kip correctly but pretty soon I was hooked. My max reps grew from 16 to 29 over a few months and there’s still way more work to do to get to 40+. Of course any relationship needs a bit of variety so further deviancy ensued; slow kips, fast kips, L-Pullups, no-kip pullups, pullups with the head behind or in front of the bar, weighted pullups with dumbells and medicine balls, pullup pyramids, tabata pullups, jumping pullups and assisted pullups.

The fast kipHas this made me a better climber? Who cares. And that’s precisely the point. In a destructive relationship nothing else really matters. Just your sad little obsession that’s going to mess you up.

The post was brought to you with the help of The Trucks, who are not safe for work, but seem to know more than is healthy about destructive relationships if you ask me.

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