Winter’s End

So it’s over the ’05-’06 winter climbing season ended yesterday. As far as the PNW goes it was a pretty rough year weather wise; not many good breaks in the weather and a lot of snow to deal with then the weather was good.

The few good weekends we did have yielded some nice new ascents. A new route on the east face of Whitehorse and the first winter ascent of the East Face Couloir (Carpenter-Stoddard-Vance 1966) on Three Fingers. I’d been eying Whitehorse for some time – it’s a super nice looking line – but you can’t be everywhere at once. Elsewhere there were serious attempts on NE Face of Stuart and Sloan.

In those same windows a lot of people got out and climbed a lot of the usual suspects; Chair, Kent, Snoqualmie, Big Four (still gotta do that) and probably a whole lot more I didn’t hear about.

Time to start training some more for the Yukon – if I can kick this cold and not injure myself (again).